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Oxnard Shores

Like Mandalay Bay and other beach communities, Oxnard Shores is a beach community, accommodating some of the finest beach villas, oceanfront homes and beachside apartments. The most fascinating aspect of buying a property in Oxnard Shores is perhaps its spectacular beachside view.

Surrounded by vibrant communities, such as Mandalay Bay, Seabridge and Westport, there are several types of beach homes available in Oxnard Shores, including oceanfront homes, waterfront dock homes, inboard beachside villas, beach cottages, and many more. Ranking among the safest places in California, Oxnard Shores is preferred for low crime rates. Also, the district has well-networked roads and railway lines. The houses, whether they are dock homes or town apartments, range from $350,000 to $4,000,000 for standard oceanfront homes.