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Mission Oaks

Stretching over an area of 1,312 acres, Mission Oaks has become a convenient location for buying real estate properties. Situated in the north-eastern side of Camarillo, Mission Oaks has well-networked roads and coastal railway services. Among other amenities, mention can be made of shopping centers, retail chains, lush green fields and community centers, etc. When it comes to security, Mission Oaks ranks among the safest places in California, having incredibly low crime rates.

Mission Oaks, which received its appellation from Pardee Homes developers, constitutes a significant part of Camarillo’s total land. In Mission Oaks, real estate properties are competitively priced, ranging from $600,000 to $739,000. Some of the most popular employment areas for Mission Oaks residents are formed of commerce and finance, real estate, as well as education and scientific developments. Overall, the amenities available here, along with healthcare support and community centers, make Mission Oaks a widely sought-after choice for starting a family.